What is Professional Wetcleaning?

Professional Wet Cleaning is the most commercially available non-toxic alternative to dry cleaning. It is an aqueous process for cleaning a full range of garments using state of the art technology, biodegradable detergents and additives, followed by appropriate drying and restorative finishing procedures.

Professional Wet Cleaning: The Cleaning Process
Professional wet clean washers use a computer to control the rotation of the cleaning drum in order to minimize agitation while providing sufficient movement for effective garment cleaning. Wet clean washers are also equipped with a computer programmed detergent injection system, which allows the cleaner to specify the amount and type of wet clean detergent used for each load.

Biodegradable wet clean detergents have been formulated by detergent manufacturers to maximize cleaning power while minimizing color change and shrinkage.

Wet clean dryers include computer controls to assure that garments retain a proper amount of moisture after the dry cycle is complete.

Specialized tensioning pressing machines are used to enhance the restoration of constructed garments, such as suit jackets, suit pants, and tailored items.

Both equipment and operating costs
are lower in wet cleaning compared to PCE dry cleaning. Cleaners who have switched are still able to process the same range of garments and materials as they did in the past.

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