Fabritec 5535 Applaud

Fabritec 5535 Applaud detergent for all petroleum solvents represents the latest advancement in the cationic no-charge chemistry introduced to the drycleaning industry by Fabritec over thirty years ago. The ease of use and the soft, pleasing fabric hand, characteristic of earlier Fabritec products, has been enhanced. Additionally, through extensive research, formulation, and testing, the Fabritec technical staff has accomplished the following improvements:

  1. A synergistic blend of new surfactants has been found to improve both soil removal and anti redeposition (soil suspending) properties. The result is even better soil removal and whiter whites. Superior results are obtained in all types of 0drycleaning procedures and filtration systems employing Fabritec 5535 Applaud.

  2. Fabritec 5535 Applaud has a fresh, clean, pleasing fragrance.

  3. An optical brightener has been added to Fabritec 5535. Heretofore, brighteners used by some manufacturers made the product itself fluoresce nicely but had very little effect on fabrics. The result of this breakthrough is a clarity and brightness of whites and pastels that is easily noticeable to the customer.

Fabritec 5535 is the latest effort of Fabritec Research. The result is an excellent
product improved in a way that can be recognized and appreciated by the drycleaning
consumer. This is a continuing step in Fabritec's constant effort to make our customers a cut
above their competitors.

Note: Safety Data Sheet (SDS) available on request. Call 1-800-543-0406.

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