5550 Charge Detergent for GreenEarth®

Fabritec 5550 Charge Detergent for GreenEarth Solution is a premium drycleaning product that contains no water. Textiles cleaned with GreenEarth Solution solvent and Fabritec 5550 exhibit a smooth soft hand and the cleaned garments are easy to finish. GreenEarth Solution solvent has the lowest surface tension of the commonly used drycleaning solvents, thus, GreenEarth Solution solvent with Fabritec 5550 detergent penetrates deep within garment fibers to flush out ground-in soil.

Fabritec 5550 and the GreenEarth Solution solvent can be used in any machine designed for class 3-A solvents. Fabritec 5550 can be used as a charge detergent at 1-% charge or it can be used as an injection detergent. If Fabritec 5550 is injected it is added to each load at a recommended rate of 1/5 ounce per pound of machine capacity. For example, a 60-pound drycleaning unit would require 12 ounces of Fabritec 5550 be injected to each load processed. Fabritec 5550 can be added to the drycleaning machine via the units soap funnel, dosing unit or an external injection devise. Fabritec 5550 can be used with both single and two-bath cleaning systems. For optimum soil removal, recommended cleaning times could vary from 10 to 25 minutes. Also, distillation is recommended in order to produce bright clear colors. The minimum amount of solvent recommended to distill is 16 gallons per 100 pounds of articles processed. For special or more specific recommendations, please contact your Fabritec representative or contact Fabritec International at 800-543-0406.

A combination oil and grease remover is available from the Stamford division of Fabritec International. The product is called Stamford OGR-GES.


APPEARANCE: Clear Pale yellow to light amber liquid.

ODOR: Very Mild

DENSITY: 7.8 Pounds per gallon

FLASH POINT:> 170ºF. Tag Closed Cup

Note: Safety Data Sheet (SDS) available upon request. Call 1-800-543-0406.