Fabritec 5503 Inject-Size Plus

Fabritec 5503 INJECTION SIZING is a new and unique product specifically
designed for use in today’s high distillation pre-wash and no-filter systems. It is injected
into the final bath at the rate of 1/10 oz. to 1/5 oz. per pound of maximum machine
capacity depending on the desired results. 5503 INJECTION SIZING can be used in
perchloroethylene and petroleum solvents. The Fabritec recommended control is designed to inject both detergent and sizing automatically in the proper amounts and at the proper time in
the process.

Fabritec 5503 INJECTION SIZING was specifically formulated for use in solvent
of very low non volatile residue which is typical of pre-wash and no-filter systems. It
imparts a noticeable crispness and body to fabric and makes finishing easier and drape
more permanent. In addition, an additive is included that improves zipper operation.
Fabritec 5503 INJECTION SIZING imparts a quality to your finished garments that
your customer can detect, and that helps set you apart as the quality cleaner in your

Fabritec 5503 INJECTION SIZING is not intended for use as a charge in your working
solvent, in a dip tank, or in an auxiliary tank in your machine. For these procedures
Fabritec 5502 Tex Clean Sizing is recommended.

Note: Safety Data Sheet (SDS) available on request. Call 1-800-543-0406.

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