Wetcleaning Tips for Specific Garments and Fabrics
(This slant also in Korean)

ACETATE - Wash 80-90ºF (27-32ºC)

• Clean acetate knit in a mesh bag – Silky Clean Detergent and Condition-It is needed to add body
• Machine dry at low temp 110ºF (43ºC), do not over-dry, hang garment to complete drying

ACRYLIC - Wash 80-90ºF (27-32ºC)

• Use Silky Clean Detergent and Condition-It in the last rinse
• Limit mechanical action, can be easily damaged
• Clean in a mesh bag
• Heat and moisture can damage acrylic; dry at low temp and use minimal steaming

BEADED GARMENTS - Wash 80-90ºF (27-32ºC)

• Use low mechanical action
• Minimize drying at low temp and air dry to complete
• If bead glue is water soluble, do not wet clean
• Measure garment before and after process
• Wash and dry in mesh bag; do not leave in dryer
• Depending on type of garment, use Titanium or Silky Clean Detergent

DENIM - Wash 80-90ºF (27-32ºC)

• Use medium mechanical action
• Try to identify weak or worn areas and possible dye fade before processing
• Remove from dryer while damp
• Use hot head for finishing
• Wash in Titanium or Cotton Clean Detergent

DOWN COMFORTERS - Wash 100-110ºF (38-43ºC)

• Wash in Cotton Clean, use Titanium on heavily soiled garments
• Medium mechanical action
• Extract high speed to limit drying time; must be completely dry 120-140ºF (49-60ºC)
• Add tennis balls to the dryer to improve fluffing

KHAKI - Wash 110-130ºF (43-54ºC)

• Wash in Titanium or Cotton Clean
• Use Contition-It in last rinse to simplify finishing
Machine dry to 10% moisture or slightly damp, then finish on hot head


• Remove lining and wet clean according to fabric type
• Wash in Cotton Clean, use Titanium on heavily soiled garments
• Prespot oil-based stains with LPS
• Use medium mechanical action and extract speed
Care Coat Extra should be added to final rinse at the rate of 1 to 2 oz. per gallon of water
• Dry with warm heat 120ºF (49ºC) but do not over-dry

RAYON - Wash 80-90ºF (27-32ºC)

Silky Clean is the preferred detergent
• Use medium mechanical action and extract speed
• Use a mesh bag in both the cleaning and drying process to prevent stretching
• Add Condition-It to the final rinse to give body to the garment and to make finishing easier
• Rayon gabardine and crepe are not recommended for wet cleaning

SILK - Wash in COLD water

• Use Silky Clean Detergent, and add Contition-It to the final rinse
• Mechanical action and extract speed should be gentle, silk is weakest when wet
Important to test all silk items for dye stability
• Remove silk from dryer while still damp, then finish drying by hanging
• Silk ties are usually not recommended for wet cleaning

WEDDING GOWNS (Polyester) - Wash 90-100ºF (32-38ºC)

• Test glue for water solubility; DO NOT wet clean if glue is water soluble
• Use mesh bag with heavily beaded gowns
• Use medium mechanical action and Titanium or Silky Clean (silks)
• Machine dry gowns 6-8 minutes, hang dry to complete
• Use Contition-It to reduce wrinkling and to produce a softer hand

WOOL - Wash 80-90ºF (27-32ºC)

Silky Clean Detergent must be used
• Use very gentle mechanical action
• Measure all wool garments prior to wetcleaning
• Wool crepe and wool gabardine will shrink: wetcleaning is not recommended
Add Contition-It to last rinse to help protect wool fibers, maintain softness and aid in finishing
• Use a mesh bag when cleaning loosely-woven garments
• Machine dry wool sweaters for a short cycle, remove while damp and place garment on a flat surface to avoid stretching

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