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Safe, Effective, Economical


BRITE-LIFE® 6709: Premium Charge or Injection Detergent

(1 gal., 4x1 gal. case, 5 gal., 15 gal.)

A modern, unique and versatile drycleaning detergent which may be used in hydrocarbon or perchloroethylene solvents. Some components of this formulation are attracted to the fabric and some remain in the solvent. Because of this, it may be used in an injection system or as a charge. BRITE-LIFE provides excellent soil removal, superior redeposition control and produces bright whites and colors. It operates well with any type of filtration system and provides static and lint control. Garments cleaned in BRITE-LIFE have a soft, pleasing hand and are easy to finish.


HYDROCARBON DETERGENT 6710: Premium Charge or Injection Detergent

(1 gal., 4x1 gal. case, 5 gal., 15 gal.)

A modern charge or injection detergent formulated with surfactants based on renewable raw materials (80%) for use in all types of hydrocarbon solvent, including modern high-flash solvents. It will also provide excellent soil removal and control redesposition when used in either a charge or injection system.

VIVISIZE 6720: Clear Sizing

(5 gal.)

A liquid sizing that will restore garments to their original crispness, improve finishing qualities and improve customer acceptance of your finished product.


VIVIBEADS 6723: Beaded Sizing

(25 lbs.)

Beaded Sizing can be very conveniently added to perchloroethylene and all hydrocarbon solvents to provide desirable body and “hand” to synthetic and natural fibers. VIVIBEADS is specifically designed to restore the loss of fabric body lost through drycleaning.



L.P.S.: Laundry Pre-spotter (6743)

(1 gal., 4x1 gal. case)

L.P.S. is designed to lift tough ground-in soil and oily stains from washable garments and is particularly effective against shirt cuff and collar soil. L.P.S. is safe on nearly all fabrics and dyes and will not set stains. It is compatible with all wet-side detergent systems and can also be added with the laundry detergent as a booster to remove greasy soil. Mix 50-50 with Stamford SPOT-BUSTER for prespotting of heavily soiled collars.

WETCLEEN: Detergent for Wetcleaning Fine Washables (6744)

(1 gal., 4x1 gal. case)

WETCLEEN is a unique, highly effective, non-alkaline, wet side detergent for fine washables. It may be used in cold or warm water in standard washing machines, specialty wetcleaning machines or for hand washing. WETCLEEN is gentle enough for the most fragile fabrics and does not require rinsing. It leaves garments pleasantly soft and wrinkle free and makes finishing easier. Garments will retain their original depth of color and finish.



Spotters are packaged in 1 gallon containers and 4x1 gal. case; empty spotting bottles are available.

P.O.G. 6738: Liquid Paint, Oil and Grease Remover

A fast, effective spot remover for paint, varnish, grease, oil and lipstick. P.O.G. is compatible with all detergent systems and is safe on most fabrics.

OGR-GES 6751: Oil and Grease Remover for use with GreenEarth® Solution

A safe, fast-acting pre-spotting agent for use in GreenEarth cleaning systems. Effectively removes oil and grease stains especially on collars and cuffs. Safe on all fabrics.

PROTEEN 6736: Protein Spotter

A fast-acting, quick-rinsing wet side spotting chemical for blood, egg, milk, and all other protein stains derived from animals or humans.

SPOL 6742: All Purpose Wet/Dry Spotter

A safe all-purpose spotting product which contains both wet and dry components for use on unidentified stains, food, grease, many inks, oil, collar and cuff soil.

SPOT-BUSTER® 6740: Water White Prespotter

An outstanding prespotter, penetrant, and wetting agent. It is mixed with 4 parts water for application by spray or brush or may be used full strength on heavy soil.

S.S.S. 6746: Silk Spotter

A gentle spotting agent specially formulated to remove oily or water soluble stains from fragile fabrics such as silk, rayon, and sheer polyester. S.S.S. may also be used as a leveling agent.

TRIK 6735: Tannin Spotter

A safe, effective spotter for tannin stains such as coffee, tea, beer, soft drinks, liquor, fruit juices, grass stains and mustard.



B.F.W.T. 6790: Boiler Feed Water Treatment

(1 gal., 4x1 gal. case, 15 gal.)

An effective additive which guards against mineral scale, sludge, acidic corrosion, and dissolved oxygen in process steam boilers.



ODEX PLUS 6770: Odor Neutralizer

(1 gal., 4x1 gal. case)

Eliminates odor from smoke and many other sources such as perspiration, vomit and pets by chemically reacting with the offending odors. ODEX PLUS can eliminate ozone treatment in the restoration process for all but the most severely smoke damaged articles. It can be used in both perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon drycleaning systems, as well as in laundry and wetcleaning systems. GREAT for RESTORATION applications.


SCAN 6792: Solvent Conditioner and Neutralizer

(1 gal., 4x1 gal. case)

A unique product in concept and design which is added to the water separator of perchloroethylene drycleaning units daily to neutralize both foreign odors and any acid which may be present.



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