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  Stamford® Stain Removal Guide


PROTEEN 6736: Protein Spotter

A fast-acting, quick-rinsing wet side spotting chemical for blood, egg, milk, and all other protein stains derived from animals or humans.

TRIK 6735: Tannin Spotter

A safe, effective spotter for tannin stains such as coffee, tea, beer, soft drinks, liquor, fruit juices, grass stains and mustard.

SPOT-BUSTER® 6740: Pre-spotter

An outstanding prespotter, penetrant, and wetting agent. It is mixed with 4 parts water for application by spray or brush or may be used full strength on heavy soil.

S.S.S. 6746: Silk Spotter

A gentle spotting agent specially formulated to remove oily or water  soluble stains from fragile fabrics such as silk, rayon, and sheer polyester. S.S.S. may also be used as a leveling agent. NOT SOLD IN CALIFORNIA.

SPOL 6742: All Purpose Wet/Dry Spotter

A safe all-purpose spotting product which contains both wet and dry components for use on unidentified stains, food, grease, many inks, oil, collar and cuff soil.

P.O.G. 6738: Liquid Paint, Oil and Grease Remover

A fast, effective spot remover for paint, varnish, grease, oil and lipstick. P.O.G. is compatible with all detergent systems and is safe on most fabrics.

OGR-GES 6751: Oil and Grease Remover for use with GreenEarth® Solution

A safe, fast acting pre-spotting agent for use in GreenEarth cleaning systems. Effectively removes oil and grease stains especially on collars and cuffs. Safe on all fabrics.

1 gal containers and 4x1 gal. cases. 12 oz. spotting bottles available.

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