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TITLE Stamford 6709
BRITE-LIFE® [click for Korean version]

STAMFORD 6709 Brite-Life is a unique and versatile drycleaning detergent which produces excellent soil removal and redeposition control in perchloroethylene and all types of petroleum solvents.

Brite-Life contains a combination of cationic and anionic compounds and may be used in either a charge process or in an injection system. Brite-Life produces bright whites and colors. It reduces static and lint and functions well with all types of filtration. Brite-Life has a fresh, clean scent and contains a proprietary additive to control unpleasant odors generated during the cleaning process.

In a charge process the optimum concentration of Brite-Life is 1%. It may also be injected at a rate of 1-2 oz. per 10 lbs. of fabric being cleaned. Moisture may be introduced by an injector at 1 oz. per 10 lbs. of fabric or by prespotting with a water based product. Brite-Life will solublize a significant amount of moisture in the cleaning bath.


APPEARANCE Clear, bright, light amber liquid

ODOR Somewhat soapy

SOLUBILITY Clearly soluble in both perchloroethylene and petroleum solvents. Will emulsify with water.

FLASH POINT Above 144ºF (62ºC) TCC

DENSITY 7.10 lbs. per gallon

Note: Safety Data Sheet available at

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