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The purpose of this Technical Report is to remind all hydrocarbon solvent cleaners of the proper use of spotting agents and prespotters. The proper use of spotting agents is important to prevent contamination of the drycleaning solvent. For example, drycleaners often use an oily type paint remover as a prespotter, which can lead to the hydrocarbon solvent taking on the characteristic odor of the paint remover. Garments processed in the contaminated solvent may also take on this objectionable odor. Over use of solvent-containing products, such as paint removers, can also lower the flash point of the hydrocarbon solvent. Lowering the flash point of the solvent adversely affects the fire safety of the system.

Proper spotting procedures are the same regardless of the drycleaning solvent of choice. Universally, drycleaning clinics and courses teach the cleaner/spotter the following procedure:

Select the proper spotting agent for the stain.

Apply the spotting agent to the stain.

Dissolve or break up the stain with the proper tool and mechanical action.

Flush the stain and spotting agent with a volatile dry solvent (VDS) if a dry-side spotter was used or with water or steam if a water-based spotter was used.

Finally, dry the treated area with air and vacuum before cleaning the article.

If a wet-side spotting agent was used it is recommended that Stamford SSS be applied as a leveling agent to prevent redeposition.

The above general procedures should prevent solvent contamination by spotting agents and allows cleaners to use the same spotting agents for all drycleaning solvents.

In general, prespotting agents are formulated specifically for drycleaning solvents. Stamford OGR-GES was formulated for use in all petroleum systems including the new high flash hydrocarbon solvents.


PROTEEN: Protein Spotter
A fast-acting, quick-rinsing wet side spotting agent for use on blood, egg, milk, and all other protein stains derived from animals or humans. Flush with steam or water.

TRIK: Tannin Spotter
A safe, effective spotting agent for use on tannin stains such as coffee, tea, beer, soft drinks, liquor, fruit juices, grass stains and mustard. Flush with steam or water.

S.S.S. : Silk Spotter (not sold in California)
A gentle spotting agent specially formulated to remove oily or water soluble stains from fragile fabrics such as silk, rayon, and sheer polyester. May also be used as a leveling agent. Does not require flushing prior to drycleaning.

SPOL: Wet/Dry Spotter
A safe all-purpose spotting product which contains both wet and dry components for use on unidentified stains, food, grease, many inks, oil, collar and cuff soil. Flush with steam or water.

P.O.G. : Liquid Paint, Oil and Grease Remover
A fast, effective spot remover for paint, varnish, grease, oil and makeup. Compatible with all detergent systems and safe on most fabrics. Flush with volatile dry solvent.


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