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A well established and highly efffective general purpose spray spotter for drycleaning, Spot-Buster has also found its way into the shirt laundry. It is very effective in the removal of ground-in collar and cuff and hem-line soil when used in one of the following manners:

Diluted 1:1 with water and sprayed or applied with a spotting bottle or brush directly to the soiled areas. Garments are usually treated at the time they are received or when checked in. Shirts may then be washed immediately or may be held until a washer is available. Spot-Buster is safe on all colors and materials that are washable. Since Spot-Buster does not contain any solvents, operator exposure is not a problem.

An even more efficient method is to add Spot-Buster full strength to the first bath of the existing wash formula at the rate of 1 oz. per 10 lbs. Collar and cuffs may be effectively cleaned in the washer. Being nonionic, SpotBuster will not interfere with any other laundry additives. Spot-Buster is bio-degradable and contains no solvents or phosphates, so waste water is not a concern.


Effective in removing collar soil, make-up, oils, grease, fats and waxes from silks and fragiles. Simply apply POG, rub softly in one direction using the side edge of a soft spotting brush and then dryclean; do not steam. Since POG is water-clear, you can apply it to whites without fear of staining.

POG, when mixed 1:1 with water, makes a clear, stable spotter effective on rain coat collars, inks and many other stains encountered in drycleaning and laundry.


The effectiveness of these long standing products on protein and tannin stains is well known.

Proteen and Trik are also excellent for removing water soluble dye stains. Spot-Buster should be tried first. Then if needed, try Proteen on red & yellow stains and Trik on blue & green. Sometimes the last residue of the stain can be removed by coming back with the opposite spotter.


This pioneering product from Stamford research is now widely used in wet cleaning the many washable, delicate and fine garments encountered today by every drycleaner.

Don't forget that Wetcleen is equally effective in wet cleaning sheer curtains, fiberglass and other washable draperies.

The no-rinse feature of Wetcleen reduces mechanical action and imparts a finish to garments that helps reduce wrinkling and eases and speeds finishing.

If you develop a unique use for any of our Stamford products, please let us know and we'll pass it on. Our number is 1-800-543-0406. Or e-mail us.

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